All extensions will be approved (or not) by a mod. You will receive a comment with the approval or rejection and the new due date.

If you need an extension on your claim please comment here with the following:
fred - beginning

Modpost update

We're back! Up and running and in action!
So, banners are getting done as we speak (yay!) for those who have completed their claims, tags have been completely updated, and...the claims lists (in all three communities) has been cleaned up.

Some things to mention:

.If your due-date was before June, your claim has been removed and is now available for anyone to pick up.
.All current claims on the list are due by January 1st 2011.
.If your claim was removed but you're still working on it and just need more time, please re-claim it and we'll gladly take you back. We realize there were a couple of extensions asked for by members, and extensions we gave out automatically, however we still need you to re-claim, okay?
.Does anyone want to make completion banners? We need some in each community and our original banner maker seems to have disappeared.

That is all. Keep iconing and having fun, we love these communities and we love you, as members who keep it going!

Mod Leander